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We use Quickbooks Online for majority of our bookkeeping. We do have provisions for other softwares like Xero, Quickbooks Desktop and Sage however our first preference always remains with Quickbooks Online. 

Yes, we provide both Corporate & Personal Tax Return Services. Our accountants have years of experience in taxes working under CPA firms before joining Accounting Bridge.

Yes, we provide payroll through Quickbooks Online or Wagepoint. Our payroll services include T4s and ROEs. We provide online portal for your employees to see their paystubs. 

We have direct deposit functionality to avoid writing monthly cheques to your employees. 

We provide the following three reports every month – Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow Statement. Depending on the requirements, we also provide Budget to Actual Income Statements and Trailing 12 Month Graphs.

Yes, with Quickbooks Online, we can track project wise, location wise and class wise income and expenses. 

No, we are not a registered CPA firm and cannot issue Notice to Reader Financial Statements. We do have close relationships with CPA firms who issue Notice to Readers for our clients. These firms are in no way part of Accounting Bridge.

With our corporate tax return service, we provide tax planning services including dividend planning. 

We also do CRA filing for dividends i.e. T5s. 


All of our bookkeeping is audit proofed. This means we are able to respond to any CRA audit within 10 minutes , literally. 

We use expenses as a benchmark of pricing to simplify, however our estimate hourly rate is $35. This rate is almost equivalent to in house bookkeeper at $25/hr when CPP, EI, Office Space, Softwares etc are added. 

We do two kinds of review based on your needs:

  1. Monthly meeting review which is conducted in person or on zoom. 
    This is usually for business owners who have time every month to meet.
  2. Video review where we send a short monthly video along with your financials and go through red flags, key numbers and such any important issues. 
    This is for busier business owners who’d still like some insights from their financials.  

We do annual budgets with our clients, enter them in our bookkeeping software and produce a monthly budget to actual income statement.

We have clients all over BC and Alberta. Our office is located in Burnaby, B.C.

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